Fitness, is powerlifting bodybuilding

Fitness, is powerlifting bodybuilding.
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 1 year ago · From the column Jinghu Aerobic Fat Loss Encyclopedia
 Fitness vs bodybuilding

 Many people say that I am actually fitness, I am not a bodybuilder, I am not a professional, and I don't want to practice so much.
Young people go to the gym for fitness, and the elderly dance square dances for their health, and swimming for their health is also fitness.
 Unless you dance to participate in a dance competition, you swim to win the championship.
 Otherwise, it is the difference between walking and walking.
So whether you want it or not, what you actually do is bodybuilding.
There is a very vague dividing line between fitness and bodybuilding
If you really want to say that there is no dividing line and it is not precise, there are still some.
 It's whether you care whether your figure looks good or not.

 That's one thing.

 For example, I am too fat and unhealthy, and I want to lose weight.  Okay, you are called fitness.

 At the same time, I thought, if I lose weight, I should look better.
 Well, you have crossed the dividing line, and you are fit.
 Another example is that I am very thin, and I want to increase my muscles and increase my resistance. It doesn't matter if I look good or not.  This is fitness.
 I think I can look better after getting stronger, and look better when I take off my clothes and have pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles.
 Congratulations, you have crossed the dividing line again, you are a fit.
 This dividing line is very subtle, and the sense of existence is extremely low.

 Your purpose
What are you training for?

 Are you trying to lose fat?  More muscles, bigger pectoral muscles?  The biceps become bigger, can you be liked if you lose weight?  Or for women to lift their hips, or for the six-pack of the abs, for the sagittarius or something, even if you are just for wearing a certain skirt, these are all called for the change of body shape, so it is bodybuilding.

 The way you use

 Whether it's running, aerobics, skipping rope, or using equipment, anaerobic training, doing a squat, or doing abdominal muscles, they are all ways of bodybuilding, so it's still bodybuilding.

 The division of the game

 The earliest use of classical bodybuilding and professional bodybuilding abroad to distinguish

 It was later discovered that there was no way to find the dividing line.

 Foreign networks continue to try to distinguish fitness and bodybuilding with fitness and bodybuilding.

But there are still fuzzy areas in the middle, and there is no way to distinguish them.

 It also includes current fitness competitions and bodybuilding competitions.

 Except for the difference in panties, the other differences are not obvious.

 Why does bodybuilding look so horrible and disgusting?

 Why do some people sneer when it comes to bodybuilding?

 Why can't the general public accept the figure of a bodybuilder?

 Why can't the general public accept the body shape of a bodybuilder?

There is a more reasonable way of distinguishing Jinghu—whether to use medicine or not.

 In fact, the generally acceptable body types are those that are naturally fit, and the dimensionality and huge muscles of the big body are basically players who have used steroids and growth hormones.

Because everyone has his own genetic limit, you cannot exceed your own genetic limit.

And steroids are a way to help you cross this genetic limit.

 The so-called real can't be fake, and the fake can't be real.

 Just like plastic surgery, whether fake things are stuffed in or injected, fake things are fake after all.

 If you exercise for health, and you gain such a large dimension and muscle through injections and medicine, are you cheating?

And it's three-point medicine. Does your practice have nothing to do with health?

That being said, whether or not you have used steroids is actually not observable.

 For example, this buddy, called Simeon Panda, claims that he is naturally healthy and fit and does not need medicine. However, a bunch of people on YouTube have analyzed that he has used medicine.

 In terms of dimensions, he is larger in fitness, but smaller in fitness, and he has never participated in any bodybuilding competition, so if he has ever used medicine, no one knows except himself.

Is bodybuilding a sport?

 Playing football is for scoring goals, whether goalkeepers or players' collisions, steals, fouls or flops are all for one purpose, for scoring goals and for results.  So playing football is a sport.

 And bodybuilding?  Do not pursue higher, faster and stronger.  The purpose of your training is to change your body shape.

 Bodybuilding is not a sport.

 If a group of you play football, if you don’t count points, and everyone is playing in friendly matches and communicating feelings, then you are not a sport, and the same is true for bodybuilding.

 Bodybuilding does not require heavier weight or speed.  The same applies to bodybuilding competitions. With more than a dozen people standing on the stage, no one cares about the weight, training method, or speed you use.

What everyone cares about is whether you practice well or not.

In this sense, bodybuilding and beauty pageants are actually the same industry and belong to the art circle.

 What everyone cares about is the result, not the process, and it has nothing to do with sports performance.  And the scoring standards of this circle will be affected by the subjective factors of the referees, which are not as precise as competitive sports.

 Does weight matter?

 For bodybuilding as an art circle, weight is of course not important; while for powerlifting as a sport, weight represents sports performance, of course weight is very important.

 The weight of bodybuilding is more similar to testing eyesight. Your eyes have 200 degrees of myopia. It is best to use 200 degrees glasses. If you use 600 degrees glasses, it does not mean that you are better than me. It means that you can't see clearly.

 If you only have 20kg of strength, it is best to train with 20kg.  If you train with 100kg, it means you haven't gotten it, and you're on the verge of injury.

 Suppose, you train a muscle with 100kg. I have exactly the same muscles as yours. I use 60kg for training. People with small weights must be powerful.

 Because the joint damage is less, the physical exertion is less, but the results obtained are the same as those of heavy people.

World champion 7th crown Philsis leg training weight.

 About injuries

 As a sport, there must be a question to think about. If this action is done, it may or may not hurt me, but it will definitely help me improve my performance. Should I do it or not?

 As a sports athlete, that must be done, because everything is for performance.

 If an action hurts Liu Xiang, but it can improve his performance by one second, as long as he doesn't kill him, he will definitely do it.

As a fitness person?

 Don't do it at all. Grades are not important. Why should I hurt my body.

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