Nutrition does not mean only solid food, but drinks also have an important role in daily nutrition

1. Nutrition does not mean only solid food, but drinks also have an important role in daily nutrition.

Whenever we talk or think about diet or healthy life, we often have salads, fruits, good food items for health rich in protein and drinks, while they are very helpful in diet. are rather the best and healthiest part of the daily diet. Beverages regularly fill the fluid deficit in the body and also maintain electrolyte balance. In fact, nutrition does not mean only solid food and the benefits of liquid diet have been greatly underestimated till now. Very few people who are more health conscious or aware of a healthy lifestyle understand the exact role of healthy beverages in daily life. Beverages have been an integral part of human culture. With so many options and variations in taste, there is an age-old tradition of serving drinks to guests. People enjoy drinks in happy moments. The benefits of liquid diet are useful during the treatment of sick people or in the prevention of disease and have many other benefits. In today's era, beverages have become an integral part of a healthy diet, as they are good for health and full of nutrition. There has been an increase in the trend of liquid diets such as vegetables, fruit juices, herbal tea and coffee, soups, flavored milks, energy or instant drinks.

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But sometimes people feel that due to such diet they lack energy. However, the solution to this problem is to consume such beverages like foods which are available with calories and without calories according to your need. You can choose or customize it to suit your needs, whether to make health drinks a part of your daily diet as a healthy snack or a complete diet.

Let's see which drinks help you meet your health and nutrition needs and how!

2. What are the benefits of the beverage?        (Benefits of liquid diet) 

Let's start with water: We often hear – start the day with a glass of water. Why so?    Water is the most important nutrient our body needs; Up to 60 percent of body weight is water. It performs many functions such as replenishing the body's lost water (rehydration), removal of toxins, quenching thirst, electrolyte balance, temperature control, lubrication and much more. Especially when it comes to the removal of toxic substances from the body, warm or warm water (which does not contain calories) and take it regularly in the daily diet, then the evacuation of the body's stool and toxic substances is easy and water remains in your body.

3. Tea and coffee 

 After water, the most drink that people take and like is coffee and tea. It can be herbal tea or milk tea and then tea and coffee are available in many forms. Green tea and green coffee in particular are becoming increasingly popular because of their antioxidant potential, which is likely to play a role in heart health and weight loss. Apart from this, the caffeine contained in tea or coffee keeps the mental energized. Hence the importance of this drink increases for people who are busy throughout the day and focus on fitness. However, it is suggested to avoid them during pregnancy or during the lactation period.

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4. Milk and other milk drinks 

 Milk is a major source of calcium, vitamins and other essential nutrients. There are many varieties of milk available today like cow's milk, skimmed milk, soy milk, almond milk. Milk is a must in the daily diet to maintain weight, build muscle and have healthy bones. If you are trying to lose weight, then low-fat or skimmed milk is the best option as it is low in saturated fat, although some people who want to gain weight may opt for whole milk or soy milk. can consume. This is especially important for children who are in the period of growth or physical development.

5. Protein Drink Alternatives 

 An easy way to complete the diet is by taking a protein shake. It gives you the protein you need; Eliminates hunger between main meals and especially if you do more exercise or gym to build muscles, then protein shake is a must in daily diet. You can choose animal or plant protein according to your taste and preferences. Protein drinks are not only beneficial for athletes but also for common man who are not able to meet the daily protein requirement due to hectic lifestyle or any other reason. In this way, protein shake is very helpful in keeping the diet full of health and nutrition.

6. Smoothies 

 If it is early in the morning, you can make healthy breakfast smoothies. Semi-solid smoothies can be a good start to the day by blending high-nutrition solid foods. It will have fruit nutrition, protein-rich yogurt and milk, nuts and seeds to keep your energy levels up and not hunger pangs till lunch. Now what to put in it is your choice. You can add ingredients like oats, bananas, dry fruits and seeds to curd or milk of your choice and it will be a complete diet that will keep you satiated and full of energy from morning. You can add some nuts and seeds like flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, almonds, grated walnuts or whole, which will make a fun garnishing of your smoothie and make your mouth water.

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7. Clear soup 

 low in fat, high in fiber - provided you do not add a lot of butter and cream. It is easy to make soup and if it is cold outside, drinking it sitting at home brings heat in the body. Whatever the type of soup, a cup of hot soup in the right quantity always wins your heart. It is also easy to make as you just have to put all the ingredients in the pan and forget about it until it is consumed. As far as clear soup is concerned, most of the minerals and vitamins are preserved in it because you drink water from its boiled vegetables. That is, drink broth rich in vitamins and minerals.

8. Mid-day drink 

                                                                                                                                                   In your journey to lose weight, you are often on the lookout for something that will help you avoid overeating. It is time to take coconut water, or low fat buttermilk etc. Coconut water is fresh, delicious and good for you. It also contains antioxidants along with minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and sodium. Not only this, buttermilk is a fermented dairy product that contains full fat or low fat and also calcium. It also contains good bacteria for the gut which helps in boosting your immunity. So these drinks can be taken mid-day. They are delicious and full of nutrients and prevent you from turning to processed food.

9. Calorie Drinks Nutritional Drinks 

vegetable juices and sports drinks. Benefits of this type of liquid diet can supply essential nutrients to your body if you take it in proper quantity. For example, fruit and vegetable juices are good sources of the antioxidants you need, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, fiber, folate and vitamins A, C, E, K, D but they also contain sodium so watch the quantity. Will happen. It is better to choose low-sodium juices and enjoy their benefits while meeting your daily nutritional requirements for heart health, glowing skin and hair growth and strength. As far as sports drinks are concerned, they contain fewer calories than cold drinks. They also contain small amounts of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and chloride that are essential for athletes who exercise for hours and sweat profusely, which removes water from the body.

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10. Summary of benefits of liquid diet

Hydration – Any fluid or drink helps in meeting the fluid requirement of the body and this keeps your body moist throughout the day. It works to maintain heart health even in your busy schedule. This keeps your energy and mental vigor. The benefits of liquid diet also play an important role in the proper functioning of the joints and in the health of the skin and the internal cleanliness of the body. It helps protect the body from dehydration by flushing out toxins and balancing electrolytes.

11. Digestion 

You must have seen that often doctors advise the patient to take liquid diet. This happens after diseases of the digestive system, other diseases or surgery. This is because a liquid diet can help reduce pain and prevent other problems such as intestinal blockages. Plain liquid diets such as broth are most preferred as they are easily digested and do not leave any residue that is difficult for the intestine to digest.

12. Weight maintenance

Benefits of liquid diet are less calories and more fiber than solid foods provided you choose the right things. For example, if you take a diet to lose weight, then you choose low-calorie liquids like green tea, green coffee, lemon water, veg soup etc. For weight gain, you can also take benefits of liquid diet like whole buttermilk, banana, honey smoothie etc. So it is up to you how to adapt your liquid diet or choose what suits your preferences and goals.

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13. Muscle building 

 People who are more health conscious or do regular exercise understand the importance of liquid in the diet better. And they consume the most protein drinks, whether from plant, animal or artificial sources. It provides essential protein and is helpful in building muscles. What's more, a drink rich in electrolytes can help your muscles recover. A study focused on consuming apple cider vinegar after recovery has shown that it can reduce inflammation in the body that is caused by the build-up of lactic acid.

14. Skin glow 

Today most of the people use beauty products for their skin but do not take full care of food and drink. Often there is no time to cook. In such a situation, these beverages (Benefits of liquid diet) play an important role in nourishing your skin. Along with maintaining body moisture, you can get a dose of antioxidants by consuming fruits, vegetable juices, smoothies and herbal teas. Antioxidants help fight free radicals that damage your body every day, caused by pollution, exposure to sunlight, and bad eating habits. These vitamin C-rich beverages can help your body build collagen, which helps reduce signs of aging or dullness while maintaining the skin's essential elasticity.

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From this it can be concluded that not only foods, but also beverages can act as a diet or a healthy snack option in the daily diet. So choose your favorite drink according to your goal and requirement.

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