Spontaneous Orgasm: Do you know about this type of orgasm?

1. Spontaneous Orgasm: Do you know about this type of orgasm?

Female Orgasm: First of all, many of us may not know the meaning of this word. Just as a man gets extreme pleasure after sex, in the same way women also experience extreme pleasure. But in our society, talking about the extreme happiness of women is considered as the biggest taboo. This is the reason why most women see sex as a responsibility, not a pleasure. Today we are going to talk about female orgasm on International Female Orgasm Day. Today we are going to tell you about such a type of female orgasm, knowing about which you may be surprised. We are going to talk about Spontaneous Orgasm . What is spontaneous orgasm and why does this condition happen, let us know.

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2. What is spontaneous orgasm     


Spontaneous orgasm is caused by sexual sensory stimulation. It may be for a short time, but it affects different parts of the body. That is why such spontaneous orgasms can be felt again and again. Although no reason for this has been discovered till date, but it is said that there may be under-line factors behind its trigger. Due to which the body feels Spontaneous Orgasm.

3. Does Spontaneous Orgasm Bring a Good Experience for Everyone?

Spontaneous orgasm is good for some women, while for some it comes as a problem. Some women who experience spontaneous orgasms occasionally, find it pleasurable. On the other hand, some women have spontaneous orgasms at the wrong time and in the wrong place, due to which they feel embarrassed and have to face difficulties in working. At the same time, some women also experience pain in the genital area due to spontaneous orgasm , due to which they are unable to enjoy sex.

4. Is It Common To Have Spontaneous Orgasm?

Although there is no such research on how many people and when it happened, so far it is difficult to determine the ratio of spontaneous orgasm in people. But for some people it can cause embarrassment, so people do not want to participate in the study related to it. This is the reason why it is not yet known how often people have a condition like Spontaneous Orgasm.

5. Why does spontaneous orgasm happen?

Although the main cause of spontaneous orgasm is not known, but there are some underlying factors that can trigger the body's response. which are as follows –

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6. Persistent genital arousal disorder

Persistent complex arousal disorder, also known as PGAD , is a condition not linked to sexual feeling and sex. Sometimes you get this feeling when you are not thinking about sex. Many side effects of Spontaneous Orgasm have been considered, they are as follows –

  • Sudden increase in blood flow to the genital area
  • Feeling of pressure and tightness in the genital area
  • sudden erection

In such a situation, even though you may feel temporary relief, but due to the frequent occurrence of spontaneous orgasm, it does not take long to turn into a problem. The exact cause of PGAD is not yet known, but it is said to trigger a nerve that sends sensation to the genital area.

There are two types of spontaneous orgasms related to this, unconscious and conscious orgasm . Let us know, how can they be recognized?

7. Unconscious orgasms

People often have spontaneous spontaneous orgasms during sleep, also known as wet dreams. Although sometimes unconscious orgasms do not result in ejaculation, you may still experience spontaneous orgasms . When the blood flow to your genital area suddenly increases during sleep, you may have a spontaneous orgasm. This spontaneous orgasm can also happen without vaginal activation or vaginal lubrication .

8. Conscious orgasms

Conscious orgasms, similar to the symptoms of PGAD, can happen suddenly, causing you discomfort. The reason for such a situation is not yet known, but research is going on on this. Apart from this, the reasons for Spontaneous Orgasm can also be –

  • certain medicines
  • excercise
  • child birth

All three of these conditions also cause spontaneous orgasms . In such a situation, you may feel spontaneous orgasm for some time or repeatedly.

9. Can You Prevent Spontaneous Orgasm ?

Stopping spontaneous orgasm is possible only when its cause is prevented. You have to identify its triggers, by which you can avoid spontaneous orgasm. Spontaneous orgasms can also be triggered during certain activities, such as cycling and weightlifting, in which case you may need to stay away from these activities.

If you have PGAD, you should stay away from activities that feel vibration and pressure on your vaginal area. In such a situation, you may have the problem of spontaneous orgasm again and again.

  • In some cases, stress has also been seen to cause spontaneous orgasms , so you may need a stress management routine. Apart from this, you can also resort to some types of yoga and meditation. These include breathing exercises, taking a walk, spending time with friends, listening to music. This type of relaxation can help you stay away from trigger points of spontaneous orgasms .

10. When do I need to tell my doctor about spontaneous orgasms?

Spontaneous orgasm is a condition that disturbs your sleep, so when you start experiencing these problems often, you may need to consult a doctor. When you do not sleep properly, you may have problems with stress. So if spontaneous orgasms start affecting your sleep and daily functioning, you should see a doctor.

For this, you can prepare a record by keeping some things in mind, which includes these questions –

  1. How do you feel before spontaneous orgasm?
  2. What were you doing before spontaneous orgasm?
  3. Any unusual physical pain during spontaneous orgasm?
  4. Have you taken over-the-counter medicine before spontaneous orgasm ?

If you can answer these questions, it may be helpful to find the trigger points of spontaneous orgasm, after which you can share these things with the doctor to find a solution to your problem.

11. How can a doctor help you with spontaneous orgasm?

Keeping in mind your symptoms associated with spontaneous orgasm and after examining your medical history, the doctor may do some examinations, which are as follows –

  • physical examination
  • Pelvic area examination
  • Neurological testing
  • Blood Flow Measurement in the Genital Area

If the doctor detects an underlying mental health condition, it may be a trigger point for your spontaneous orgasm. Therefore, you may have to resort to some kind of treatment. Let us know about the treatment of spontaneous orgasm .

12. Treatment of spontaneous orgasm: how is it possible? (Treatment of Spontaneous Orgasm)

When it comes to the treatment of spontaneous orgasm, the first thing in the treatment of spontaneous orgasm is stress management , in which you may have to use some kind of therapy and medicines. which is like this -

  • Behavioral therapy or sex therapy
  • discontinuing medication
  • Applying a desensitizing agent or topical numbing cream to the genital area
  • surgery to repair nerves

These types of treatments can be given in the event of spontaneous orgasm, which are there to help you. The doctor can do this treatment keeping in mind your condition.

You should keep one thing in mind that it is very important for you to talk about sexual health, especially women should be careful about female orgasm . Most women have the problem of spontaneous orgasm, so you have to face other problems because of it. That's why it is important that you keep an eye on your sex life and recognize the position of spontaneous orgasm and take necessary steps for it.

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