Pregnancy symptoms: Pregnancy symptoms can be different in women!

Pregnancy symptoms: Pregnancy symptoms can be different in women!

In the absence of information, it is often understood that missing periods means the beginning of pregnancy, but it is not so, because sometimes in some women even after the start of pregnancy, according to the date of periods. Bleeding happens. Actually it is not periods but stains, which get cured in 1-2 months. Here we are going to tell about what are the symptoms of pregnancy, which will make it easier to understand whether you are pregnant or not!

What is pregnancy?

The anatomy of our body is designed in such a way that any changes that happen inside it can be felt immediately. At the same time, as soon as you are pregnant during pregnancy , your body gives you a signal about the same. The symptoms of pregnancy can be very simple, such as breast pain, feeling tired and any feeling that you are sick. However, not all women are able to feel these symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. For most women, missed periods may be the first symptom during the first month of pregnancy.

Some women may experience the first month of pregnancy, which is considered normal in most cases. However if you experience any kind of bleeding spots, you must immediately contact your doctor to avoid any complications.

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Pregnancy occurs when a sperm is released from the ovary after fertilizing an egg. The treated egg then, at that point, goes down into the uterus, where implantation happens. A successful implantation leads to pregnancy.

On average, a complete pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks. There are many reasons for this, which can affect pregnancy. Women who have an early pregnancy diagnosis and receive proper care before delivery are more likely to experience a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.

Pregnancy symptoms which mostly prove to be correct:

Pregnancy symptoms not having periods

Missed periods are one of the major signs of pregnancy. As soon as women conceive, their body starts making progesterone hormone. These hormones are also responsible for stopping your periods.

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Pregnancy symptoms are light spotting

When the egg attaches itself to the uterus in the process of fertilization, cramping and spotting may be experienced. Mostly this spotting is seen while washing or wiping your genitals. However, bleeding or spotting is considered normal in most cases in the first month of pregnancy. If you notice any unusual amount of blood or spotting, you should seek medical help.

Pregnancy symptoms are breast tenderness

Your breast may be tight to the touch or feel painful. This is similar to your pre-menstrual symptoms. Women's nipples may darken in color and you may also notice veins on your breasts.

changes in mood

You can feel your mood changing quickly because of the major hormonal changes happening in your body . One moment you may feel happy and the next moment you may feel a sense of despair. You may find yourself in a good mood for no reason at all. All these are one of the common symptoms of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy symptoms are frequent heatstroke

The changing hormones lead to more blood flow around the pelvic area . The kidneys have to work harder to increase body fluids. This whole process can make your uterus feel full and hence you may feel like passing urine or needing to go to the toilet frequently .

may feel tired

A lot happens inside your body during pregnancy. That's why you find yourself lacking in energy and more tired than usual. Being pregnant can make you feel tired, which can make you sleepy .

Change in food habits are pregnancy symptoms

During pregnancy, you are more inclined to eat some things and do not like some things at all. It is very normal during pregnancy that you start disliking your favorite things and you are more inclined to eat those things which you never liked to eat. Changes in food habits are very common during pregnancy and almost all women feel it during pregnancy.

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Morning infection is one of the side effects of pregnancy

Most pregnant women may experience nausea or vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy . It can be experienced within three weeks after conception. Some women may feel nauseous throughout the day, while others may feel it around a particular time of day.

Acidity is common in pregnancy symptoms

Acidity is very common in pregnancy. Acid reflux and heartburn are likely to occur due to changes in the body at the beginning of pregnancy. Heartburn is also very common in the later stages of pregnancy when your growing baby pushes against the intestines and stomach.

  • Pregnancy symptoms, which are normal
  • The problem of constancy begins. Due to improper digestion, heaviness in the stomach and gas problems can occur.
  • Loss of desire to eat and vomiting.
  • Irritability in nature
  • Swelling of the breast (heavy feeling of breast or darkened nipple color).
  • Headache due to increased blood circulation.
  • Increase in body temp.
  • The desire to eat something different at any time.
  • Feeling weak after waking up in the morning.
  • Abdominal distension.
  • Pregnancy symptoms, for which contact the doctor
  • Excessive bleeding or spotting increases the risk of miscarriage, so it would be prudent to consult a doctor.
  • Burning or itching in the vagina or green or yellow discharge.

It is easy to check pregnancy these days. Women can also test themselves with the help of pregnancy test kit from the medical store. If you find out about pregnancy, contact the doctor immediately and follow his advice.