What Are The Symptoms of Kidney Cancer, Know What is Its Treatment?

What Are The Symptoms of Kidney Cancer, Know What is Its Treatment?

Kidney is a very important organ in our body. Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs in the body. They are so large in size that they can be taken in a fist. The kidney is located at the back side of the abdomen. Spine means kidneys are located on both sides of the spine. Kidney cancer can happen to adults as well as children. Renal cell carcinoma is a common type of kidney cancer in adults . There is also a possibility of getting other types of kidney cancer.

Understand kidney cancer like this

There is also a possibility of kidney cancer in young children, which is called Wilms' tumor . With the passage of time, the number of kidney cancer patients is also increasing. When the tumors in the kidney are small, kidney cancer can be easily detected and treated. At the same time, the problem increases as the tumor grows. Early detection of cancer on time makes treatment easier. Know about the symptoms and treatment of kidney cancer through this article.

Kidney cancer means kidney cancer is common cancer

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), kidney cancer is one of the 10 common cancers. It affects one man in 48 men. At the same time, one in 83 women has the ability to impress a woman. The average age of diagnosis of kidney cancer is 64 years and the disease is rare before the age of 45. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), doctors have said about kidney cancer that in the coming time, about 73,820 kidney cancer diagnoses are expected and about 14,770 people are likely to die from this disease. Is.

Know what is the function of kidney in the body

Kidney is an important part of the body. You must have heard about kidney donation or living with the help of one kidney. If one kidney of a person gets damaged then the help of the other kidney can be taken. But when there is a tumor in one kidney, the work of the body gets disrupted. Kidney cancer is often detected only after routine imaging tests. Know what is the function of kidney in the body.

  • making urine
  • controlling blood pressure
  • creating red blood cells

What are the symptoms of kidney cancer?

Like some other cancers, the early symptoms of kidney cancer are not visible. As long as the tumors inside the kidney are small, the person does not understand much difference in the body. When tumors start growing, that is, the stage of cancer starts increasing, then some symptoms are seen in the body. Some possible conditions are as follows,

  • Blood in urine , urine pink, red or cola color
  • become anemia
  • side pen
  • Lump formation in the side or lower back
  • Night sweats and fever _
  • feeling tired
  • weight loss and loss of appetite
  • change in vision
  • change in liver function
  • varicose veins in the testes


What are the causes of kidney cancer?

The reasons why kidney cancer occurs are not clear. Kidney cancer is considered a common cancer. There can be many risk factors for this. Doctors say about kidney cancer that there is a mutation in the DNA in some cells of the kidney. Due to mutation, cells divide rapidly. After division the cells start growing rapidly. Rapidly growing cells develop tumors. Some cells break down and spread to other parts of the body. Increasing age, obesity, smoking and high blood pressure can increase the risk of kidney cancer.

What are the risk factors for kidney cancer?

There can be many risk factors for kidney cancer such as,

Kidney cancer risk due to old age

The risk of kidney cancer increases with age. Cases of kidney cancer are rare at a young age.

because of smoking

Due to smoking, the body has to face many problems. Kidney cancer is also one of them.  If a person wisely quits smoking, the risk of kidney cancer can be reduced.

risk of obesity

Obesity brings with it many diseases. People who are obese have a higher risk of kidney cancer than other people.

Risks due to high blood pressure

High blood pressure also increases the risk of kidney cancer. It would be better to get the blood pressure checked from time to time and also take medicine daily if needed.

kidney failure treatment

People who are taking kidney failure treatment have a higher risk of kidney cancer. People who are on dialysis for a long time are at increased risk of kidney cancer.

due to inherited syndrome

People who are born with an inherited syndrome are also at increased risk of kidney cancer. Risk factors for kidney cancer include Von Hippel-Lindau disease, Burt-Hogg-Dub syndrome, tubular sclerosis complex, heritable papillary renal cell carcinoma, etc. People who have inherited these syndromes from the family have an increased risk of kidney cancer. If a person has kidney cancer in the family, then it also increases the chances of kidney cancer in the person.

exposure to certain substances

If you work in a workplace where there is exposure to cadmium or other herbicides, this can also increase the risk of kidney cancer.


What is the treatment for kidney cancer?

The treatment of kidney cancer depends on many factors.

  • overall health
  • Types and stages of kidney cancer
  • based on personal preference
  • Based on previous cancer treatment
  • surgery for kidney cancer treatment

Surgery is the first option for kidney cancer treatment. The surgeon can remove all or part of the kidney. It can also remove the tissue around the tumor. The doctor may also remove lymph nodes and other tissue as needed. If the person has only one kidney, then the kidney with the tumor can also be removed. Only small incisions are needed in laparoscopic surgery .

Nonsurgical option for kidney cancer treatment

If a person suffering from kidney cancer is weak and is not in a position to undergo surgery, then non-surgical option can be adopted for that person.


A catheter (tube) is used in this procedure. With the help of a catheter, the synthetic material is delivered into the blood vessels. Due to this material, the blood supply to the kidney is cut off and oxygen and nutrients are also not able to reach. Due to this the tumor starts shrinking.


In the process of cryoablation, the doctor inserts a needle through a small incision in the tumor. Needles contain a gas that acts to freeze cancer cells. Then the work of heating the cells is done. By doing this the cells start dying out gradually. This process can be painful. Doing so can damage even good cells, as well as cause bleeding and infection problems.


Chemotherapy uses powerful drugs that attack and kill cancer cells. Cancer progression can be stopped with the help of chemotherapy. These drugs often affect the whole body and also have adverse effects in the body. The side effects also go away once the treatment is over.


With the help of immunotherapy, the body's immunity is increased so that it can be able to fight cancer. Nausea, chills, increased body temperature, and loss of appetite may occur as side effects.

Targeted therapy

With the help of target therapy, specific genes are targeted which play an important role in the development of cancer. With the help of therapy, those functions are also interrupted, which are responsible for cancer growth.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is not usually used for kidney cancer. But with the help of radiation therapy, cancer cells can be stopped from growing. With the help of radiation, the tumor shrinks. Nausea and fatigue may be included as side effects of radiation.

If you also feel any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then it is better to consult a doctor immediately. Cancer can be treated properly only when it is detected early. For more information about kidney cancer, definitely contact the doctor once.

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