What Is Green Tea? Benefits, Side Effects, And Uses

Green Tea: What is Green Tea?

In today's stressful life, people have started giving more importance to green tea instead of tea and coffee. People believe that tea and coffee can harm the body for a few moments, but it does not harm the body, so it can be used. At the same time, according to experts, it is done more to improve mental alertness and thinking than to remove fatigue.

What is Green Tea used for?

According to recent research, green tea gives the body more strength to fight diseases than it provides concentration to the mind. Green tea is beneficial in depression , non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease), weight loss, stomach disorders, vomiting, diarrhea. Also headache, of bone (osteoporosis); It is also helpful in fighting diseases like Parkinson's disease, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, diabetes, low blood pressure, chronic fatig syndrome (CFS), and kidney stones.

Green tea is helpful in fighting cancer

Some people use it to prevent cancer. Green tea is considered very helpful in fighting breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, solid tumor cancer, leukemia and skin cancer.

Apart from cancer, some women use it to fight Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Explain that HPV, genital warts, can cause abnormal cell growth in the cervix (cervical dysplasia) and cervical cancer.

Green tea bags to cure sunburn

Due to the strong sunlight in the summer season, many people have the problem of sunburn. People use green tea bags to eliminate sunburn. Green tea bags are also used to reduce puffiness under the eyes, to eliminate tired eyes or headaches. Keeping green tea bags on the head or on the area under the eyes not only ends the pain, but also gets rid of dark circles.

People who have problems with their teeth, it is often used to stop bleeding.

Some people drink green tea to prevent colds and flu. Its extract is also used in mouthwash to reduce pain after tooth extraction.

It is also used in the ointment to cure genital warts.

How does green tea work

The useful parts of green tea are the leaf bud, leaf and stem. These parts of the plant are boiled together over high steam. During this process, it is able to retain important molecules called polyphenols, which are considered to be quite beneficial for the body. According to experts, polyphenols prevent inflammation and swelling, protecting the cartilage between bones.

A recent study has revealed that green tea is also able to fight infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV) and reduce the growth of abnormal cells in cervical dysplasia. However, it is not yet revealed how green tea works in these things.

Green tea contains 2% to 4% caffeine. According to new research, caffeine is believed to stimulate the nervous system, heart and muscles, which release certain chemicals in the brain called "neurotransmitters." Due to the low amount of caffeine, it helps in increasing brain development and concentration. By using it, the production of urine in the body increases and you must be aware that the more urine comes out of the body, the more diseases are eliminated from the body. Antioxidants are found in green tea which helps in preventing heart diseases and increasing blood circulation in the body.

warnings and precautions

Warnings and Precautions When Using Green Tea

You should consult a doctor or pharmacist or herbal specialist before using it if:

You are pregnant or lactating. This is because when you are feeding the baby, then according to your doctor, you should take medicines.

You take another medicine that is easily available without a prescription, such as an herbal supplement.

You are allergic to the components present in the product associated with it.

You are already suffering from some kind of disease like stone problem.

You are already allergic to food items, dyes or any animal etc.

If you want to consume ginger before any surgery or the use of any anesthesia, then first consult a doctor.

How safe is green tea?

It is very beneficial not only for elders but also for children. If children use it for gargling, then it is very beneficial. While gargling, keep in mind that this process should be done only for 90 days, do not repeat it for more than that.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: The US Food and Drug Administration says that pregnant women should avoid using caffeine.

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side effect

Green Tea side effects

As we have already told you that as much as green tea can prove to be beneficial for health, it can be equally harmful. Tell us the impediments of this:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • GI symptoms
  • liver toxicity

In any case, it isn't required for everybody to make these side impacts. There might be a few incidental effects that are not referenced previously. On the off chance that you experience any of these secondary effects or need to find out about them, contact your closest specialist.Effect

Green tea interactions or side effects of green tea

Consumption of green tea can affect the effect of your disease or the medicines you are currently taking. Therefore, talk to the doctor on this subject before consumption.


Stimulant drugs like amphetamines speed up the activity of the nervous system. Sometimes such medicines can cause you the problem of increased heartbeat and burning sensation in the body. The caffeine present in green tea can speed up the nervous system. Using green tea with these medicines can speed up the heart rate and can also lead to diseases like high blood pressure.


Sometimes cocaine is found in medicines. Medicines containing cocaine are given by doctors in serious diseases. So that the patients sleep well. People who have sleep problems are also given medicines containing drugs, people who are facing this type of sleep problem should avoid using green tea.


Caffeine (contained in green tea) and ephedrine are both stimulant drugs, which can prove to be quite beneficial for the body. Taking green tea along with ephedrine may cause excessive stimulation and sometimes serious side effects and heart problems. One should avoid taking caffeinated products and ephedrine at the same time. According to new research, consuming products containing ephedrine and caffeine together can cause the body to suffer its side effects.


Do not take the information given here as a substitute for doctor's advice. 

Green Tea Supplements

High cholesterol: Green tea can be used to reduce high cholesterol levels. Green tea extract contains 150 to 2500 mg of catechins, which can be beneficial if used twice a day for 24 weeks.

Abnormal growth of cells of cervical dysplasia: Taking 200 mg of green tea extract twice a day can get rid of this disease. According to experts, using green tea twice a day for 8 to 12 weeks can help prevent abnormal growth of cervical cells.

High blood pressure: This substance prepared by boiling 3 grams tea bags with 150 grams of water, drinking it daily after 2 hours of eating can get rid of high blood pressure. According to research, this product should be used daily for 4 weeks, if after this you still want to drink it, then definitely consult a doctor once.

Low Blood Pressure: People who have the problem of low blood pressure will be fully aware that during this time the body stops working completely. The body is not capable of working. Such people must consume green tea an hour before lunch.

Osteoporosis: This is a serious disease which people get detected late. If you are also struggling with this, then you can take capsules containing 500 mg of green tea polyphenols twice a day. You can consume these capsules for 24 weeks. (Note: If osteoporosis patients want to use green tea capsules, then they must consult the doctor once)

In what form does green tea come

Most of the people who are consuming green tea use its bags. When it is used in the initial stages, there is a slight problem, because its slightly bitter taste is not pleasing to your tongue. However, over time it becomes a habit. If you have started consuming new green tea, then you can add a spoonful of city in your cup, so that its taste changes a bit. If you want, you can also use green tea capsules. Green tea capsules are readily available in the market in the range of 50 to 150 mg of polyphenols.

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