What Is Learning Disability? Know Its Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

 What is Learning Disability? Know its symptoms, causes and treatment

Learning disability, which simply means difficulty in learning or understanding. Thousands of children of our country are facing this learning disability problem. Whenever a child is facing difficulty in writing, reading , speaking and understanding, it can be a sign of learning disability.

Learning disability is a mental disorder, which is often seen in children. Learning is a continuous process but, if learning something is taking too much time, don't take it lightly. These can be signs of learning disability. There are many such parents in India, who are unable to diagnose this problem of their child in time, nor do they understand this disease itself.

What is Learning disability?

In the beginning of this condition, children have a lot of difficulty in speaking, writing, reading, listening, pronouncing words. He does not feel like learning and tries to steal or run away from things.

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What are the causes of learning disability? (Learning disability Causes)

Neurological variation is the main cause of this disorder . The brain is not able to pass on and receive any information signal properly, due to which the child has problems in learning. Children may also have problems with learning disorders due to head injury or any brain disease . This problem can also occur due to the not fully developed brain form of the unborn baby.

What are the symptoms of Learning Disability? (Learning Disability Symptoms)

Many types of symptoms can be seen in learning disability. If you notice any of the following symptoms in your child, it could be a sign of a learning disability. In such a situation, you should be alert and take necessary treatment. Find out below what kind of symptoms can be seen if a child has a learning disability problem:

  • During this problem, the child starts having trouble while studying. Not only this, even if the child tries to read, then he is able to read very slowly. He cannot read normally like normal children.
  • During this problem, the child starts having a lot of trouble while writing. He is unable to write properly. Even if he tries to write, he cannot write properly.
  • Kids experiencing this issue fall behind in scholastic. go to class, however they don't rapidly comprehend the things showed in school.
  • Children suffering from this problem speak very slowly. They also lack a lot of confidence.
  • Children suffering from learning disability face a lot of difficulty in recognizing the alphabet. They don't perceive letters and letters in order appropriately.
  • Children suffering from this problem have to face a lot of difficulty in understanding things like maths and puzzles .
  • Not having an idea of ​​how or in what way to say something. Due to this many times they are not able to say their point properly.

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What problems can a child have with a learning disability? (Learning Disability Complications)

As we mentioned, in learning disability, the child has to face difficulty in understanding learning. During this, the child may face the following problems:

Trouble concentrating: A child suffering from this problem may have to face a lot of difficulty in concentrating on anything. Whatever the child is taught, he is not able to concentrate even if he wants to.

Socially Difficulty: Children suffering from this problem may have to face difficulty in adjusting themselves socially. They find it difficult to adjust themselves, especially with children in their age group. In this, children lag behind in adjusting compared to others.

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How can learning disability be treated? (Learning Disability Treatment)

You can take help from your doctor in this type of mental disorder. The child's school can talk to the teacher and give information about the child's condition and prepare his study model, structure according to his progress report. There are many smart learning apps nowadays, through which you can teach other techniques of rapid learning to your child. Along with this, it can be treated as follows.

  • Some children may benefit from therapy.
  • Occupational therapy improves motor skills. Which helps in solving the writing problem.
  • Whereas speech therapy improves language skills.
  • A doctor may recommend medication to manage a child's depression or severe anxiety.
  • Medications for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder can improve a child's ability to concentrate in school.
  • More research is needed to determine the effectiveness of alternative therapies, such as dietary changes, use of vitamins, eye exercises, neurofeedback and the use of technological devices.

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This is a disease that requires love and dedication along with treatment . We have to seriously consider his mood and keep an eye on his every move. Keep a friendly atmosphere in the house with the child, because only then the child will be able to speak about the problems going on in his mind. To fix this problem, not only individual but also social effort is needed. With proper timely treatment of learning disability and full cooperation of family and society, this problem can be cured to a great extent.

So today in this article you learned how learning disability can affect a child's life. Along with this, you also came to know what difficulties the child suffering from this may have to face. Hope you have got all the necessary information related to learning disability in this article. If you need any more information related to this, then you can ask us on Facebook page. We will try to answer all your questions with the help of a doctor. Hope you liked this article. If you liked this article, then do not forget to share it with as many people as possible, so that other people can also get the correct information about it and they can recognize its symptoms.

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