Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation - Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Tricuspid Regurgitation: This condition arises due to improper functioning of the heart valve

Tricuspid regurgitation is a condition related to the heart. The structure of the heart is very complex. The heart divides into four sections. These four sections are called chambers. The upper chamber is known as the left atrium and right atrium. Whereas the lower chamber is known as left ventricle and right ventricle. The left side and right side of the heart is divided by muscles, which is known as the septum. The upper and lower chambers are connected to each other. The opening is known as the valve, which regulates the blood flow.

The condition of Tricuspid Regurgitation arises due to a defect in the tricuspid valve. Through this article, we will give you more information about Tricuspid Regurgitation or Tricuspid Valve Insufficiency. Read what are the symptoms of Tricuspid Regurgitation.

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Tricuspid Regurgitation symptoms

When the two right heart chambers (right ventricle and right atrium) do not close properly, the condition of tricuspid regurgitation arises. A bad valve allows blood to back up into the upper chamber (right atrium) of your heart. Tricuspid valve regurgitation can also be caused by congenital heart disease. The abnormality can also be caused by some kind of defect in the valve or by other conditions. Know what symptoms can be seen if there is a problem of tricuspid regurgitation.

If you are feeling any of the given symptoms, without delay, definitely check with the doctor. By getting timely investigation and treatment, you can avoid major problems. If you want, you can get more information on this subject from the doctor.

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Why does tricuspid regurgitation occur? (What causes tricuspid regurgitation)

Tricuspid regurgitation is not caused by a single cause. There are some reasons responsible for this. Right ventricle dilation also causes tricuspid regurgitation. The right ventricle works to pump blood from the heart to the lungs. When the right ventricle is overloaded or has to do more work, it increases in size to do the work. For this reason, the tissue of the tricuspid valve also has a bad effect and they also become large. Due to this reason, the possibility of a person getting not one but many complications increases. You have to face problems like Emphysema , Pulmonary hypertension , Left-side heart disorders, Pulmonic stenosis etc.

Tricuspid regurgitation can also be caused due to infection. Infective endocarditis can cause damage to the tricuspid valve and cause tricuspid valve insufficiency.

Certain medications, such as phentermine and fenfluramine, have also been associated with tricuspid regurgitation. It is not being advised to take the drug at the moment, but these drugs cause problems for the heart. Before consuming any medicine, consult a doctor about its side effects.

Causes of tricuspid valve insufficiency can include some injuries as well as carcinoid tumors, systemic lupus, Marfan syndrome, rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. You should contact the doctor for more information about the causes of this disease.

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Diagnosis of tricuspid regurgitation

If you are experiencing symptoms of heart disease, you should inform your doctor. The doctor may do a physical examination as well as a diagnostic test. Through the test, information is obtained about which part of the heart is the problem.
These tests may be included in the diagnosis of tricuspid regurgitation .

Doctors choose the tests given according to the need. All the given tests tell about heart disease. You can get information regarding the test from the doctor.

How is Tricuspid Valve Insufficiency Treated?

Tricuspid valve insufficiency usually does not require treatment. If there is a problem with your heart valve, instead of treating it, the doctor will check the heart condition for some time and see if the disease is not progressing. Doctors also recommend taking certain medicines as per the need. By taking medicines, the heart gets strength along with regular heartbeat.

If the patient has a problem of inflammation, then the doctor may also recommend the use of diuretics. These drugs work to balance the loss of fluid. The patient's blood pressure is also checked. Let us tell you that if high blood pressure is not treated for a long time , then heart health can be at risk. If the problem of tricuspid valve insufficiency is not cured even through medicines, then the doctor may do surgery. Doctors replace the tricuspid valve through surgery and cure the disease.

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Maintain dental health

Now this question must be coming in your mind that why dental health is important to keep heart health healthy. If you are not aware, then let us tell you that if the health of your teeth is not good, then the health of your heart also increases at risk. Endocarditis is a type of heart inflammation that occurs in the lining of the heart. This is caused by bacteria. Bacteria can enter the body in many ways. Bacteria live inside or outside the body. If there is a problem with bacteria in your teeth, then they can spread the infection to the heart as well. You should clean your teeth heart disease daily. Poor oral hygiene or gum disease can put the heart at risk. If you have heart valve related problems and also have problems with teeth, then definitely tell your dentist about it. It is better not to ignore the health of the teeth at all. You can get more information about this from the doctor.

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Say 'No' to Bad Habits

If you want to stay away from heart related problems, then definitely improve your lifestyle. Quit the bad addiction of alcohol and smoking as soon as possible. If you are having trouble quitting smoking, you can get information about this from your doctor. If you have any heart disease, it can be treated through medication. If the condition has worsened, surgery may also be advised. If you are given medicines, then take them on time daily and also ask the doctor if there is any kind of confusion. You need to be more careful to keep heart health healthy.

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