Stable Spiral Fracture

Stubble spiral fractures are most commonly seen in children. During this practice, the plaster is done for 4 to 6 weeks, after which the bone gradually returns to its former state.

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Displaced Spiral Fracture

In the case of a displaced spiral fracture, the help of surgery is taken.

During this, the doctor first places the bone on its position. This surgical procedure is called reduction surgery.

Reduction surgery is followed by a cast, which is removed after a few weeks.

The drugs that are given after reduction surgery are as follows-

Note: Do not take any medicine on your own during bone fracture. During this time, take only the medicines prescribed by the doctor. If the patient is already suffering from any disease like diabetes, high blood pressure or any other disease, then also inform the doctor about it. Along with this, also tell what medicines you are taking.

During the treatment of a spiral fracture, a doctor may use physical therapy to relieve movement problems later due to a lack of movement due to a plaster used to joint the bones.

Recommend to follow (Physical therapy). During this, physical therapy experts also get different types of exercises done by the patient.

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Important information related to fracture (Tips for Fracture)-

  • It can take 3 to 6 months for any fracture to heal . Therefore, during this time, understand every single thing of the doctor carefully and follow them.
  • Sometimes it can take 6 months or even more than a year for the fracture to heal. So don't panic and take care of yourself.
  • Do not move the fractured areas until the plaster is in place.
  • In case of a foot fracture, you can keep a pillow under the foot.
  • If due to plaster, fingers do not work properly or sensitivity is not felt or there is darkening in that place, then inform the doctor about it.
  • Keep the plastered part still, but move the other parts. Yes, if the plaster part is damaged during this, then do not do this.
  • Keep the fractured area away from water.
  • Sometimes there is itching on the plastered area, so in such a situation do not use any sharp object or do not put any object inside.

Keep these things in mind, which can be beneficial for you during a fracture and even after the fracture has healed.

If you want to know the answer to any question related to Fracture, then it would be better to understand from the experts. Keep in mind that do not treat any injury or fracture on your own, as doctors treat the patient keeping in mind the health condition.

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