What is stress?

Due to today's hectic life and lifestyle, everyone must have faced stress at some point or the other. The situation is that, nowadays, the problem of stress is being seen in children too. But do you know what is stress? Actually, stress is a physical reaction, which is due to some physical, chemical and emotional cause. In this, physical and mental restlessness, irritability, anger etc. arise and your physical health starts deteriorating. Which can lead to other health problems.

Stress, also called stress, can be a response to any demand or challenge. However, not all times and all types of stress are dangerous or harmful. It also proves to be beneficial in many cases, such as the stress of meeting deadlines, the stress of overcoming a threat. But, the trouble starts when this tension stays with you for a long time. Let us know about the types of stress.

It is normal to be stressed or stressed. But the difficulty arises when its condition worsens. When we are stressed, adrenaline starts running throughout our body. Due to which the heartbeat starts increasing. Mental and physical consciousness increases greatly. Many physical problems start occurring in this condition. Due to which nervousness, sweating and body tremors are felt. Staying under stress for a long time can be injurious to health.

As its effect remains for a long time, it can become fatal for our immune system and heart. Apart from this, mental ability is also affected. Sometimes the ability to think and understand also decreases. Stress can prove to be even more dangerous when you start feeling like r or par every time.

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There are mainly two types of stress. like-

acute stress

This is a short term stress. This can happen due to sudden events, such as if you have had a fight with a friend or family member or if you have suddenly faced a danger etc. It can also happen when faced with a new thing or situation. But, this condition ends after passing.

episodic acute stress

This type of stress occurs when you have to go through many stressful situations over and over again. For example, life has many ups and downs one after the other, doing some challenging job like army, politics etc. But, this too seems to fade away after the episode or condition passes. But, it can be dangerous if prolonged.

chronic stress

When the level of stress in your body remains high for a long time, then the problem of chronic stress arises in you. This type of stress can be very dangerous for your body and can also lead to fatal diseases like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure , depression, autoimmune diseases, sudden weight loss, skin diseases, sleep problems. Because of this, you can also fall ill again and again.

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What are the symptoms of stress?

Stress can cause you to face various symptoms and these symptoms are so common that they go unnoticed quickly. Apart from this, gradually these symptoms become severe and can prove to be quite dangerous. Let us know about the symptoms of stress.

physical symptoms

  • physical pain
  • diarrhea or constipation
  • frequent colds or flu
  • dizzy
  • Pain in chest
  • fast heart rate
  • sudden weight change
  • change in menstruation
  • low sex drive , etc.
  • Headache
  • insomnia

psychotic symptoms

  • weakness in memory
  • inability to make decisions
  • stay negative
  • always be worried
  • inability to concentrate, etc.

emotional symptoms

  • Loneliness
  • Anger
  • irritability
  • restless, etc.

behavioral traits

Symptoms of stress can vary from patient to patient. Apart from this, these symptoms can also be due to other reasons. Therefore, if you have any questions or doubts regarding the symptoms of stress, then definitely contact your doctor.



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What is the cause of stress?

There can be various conditions or reasons behind stress. This includes the threat of something, the fear of facing a situation or person, a break in or a fight in a relationship, a major change in life, financial problems, office stress , children or family-related reasons, battling a chronic illness, the death of a loved one. Or a number of conditions may be involved, such as anxiety about the future. Due to these conditions, there is an imbalance in the hormones present in our body. These hormones are also called stress hormones.

When you sense a threat, the hypothalamus at the base of your brain responds and sends signals and hormones to your adrenal glands. This hormone, which prepares you to face danger, is called adrenaline. However, it is not the main stress hormone. Cortisol is the main stress hormone that is produced in high stress situations. It can have a negative effect on your health if left in for a long time.

Being stressed for a long time can become fatal for our heart. Sometimes it can also be the cause of heart attack. Well, there can be many reasons for stress. But what is important is that we need to find solutions to the problems.

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How is stress detected?

There is no prescribed test available to detect stress. It is such a mental and physical response that many physical and mental signals are seen. After recognizing these signs and symptoms, the doctor can confirm the stress in you or refer you to a psychologist for counseling to know better. In which one can find out about the mood of the person by talking face to face. Also pay attention to some such symptoms, such as-

  • do not talk to anyone
  • feeling nervous
  • prefer to be alone
  • disinterest in anything

prevention and control

How to control stress?

You should take care of the following methods to control stress. like-

  • If a particular situation or person or thing is causing you stress, try to stay away from it.
  • Overthinking increases stress, so avoid overthinking.
  • Consumption of alcohol or caffeine can spoil your health and there is a strong possibility of addiction due to stress. So try to stay away from it.
  • Apart from this, if you are facing any other serious health problem like heart disease, high blood pressure etc. due to stress, then take steps to control it as well.
  • If stress is happening due to some disease, then get treatment for the disease.

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How is stress treated?

Stress is primarily treated through stress management, which includes several methods. like-

  • Exercise regularly for 30 minutes, so that the blood flow of the body is better. This improves your mood and health.
  • Everyone feels light, happy and relaxed by doing something or the other. Find something or a healthy habit for yourself too, which will make you feel better.
  • Being alone makes you think about things more and loneliness itself can cause stress. So, avoid being alone and be socially active.
  • Try to get enough sleep. This gives peace and relaxation to the mind .
  • Eat healthy and complete diet.
  • Use techniques like yoga and meditation.
  • Seek help from your doctor or a psychiatrist. So that he can understand your problem and guide you in a better way.
  • Along with this, talking therapy is used to treat stress, which helps in switching off the thoughts and feelings that cause stress and the use of anti-depressant drugs like Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft etc. Is given.

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