When cancer cells start to form on the inner lining of your stomach, it is called gastric cancer. This disease is also called stomach cancer or stomach cancer. The most serious and dangerous thing about this type of cancer is that it is very difficult to diagnose. Because, the chances of showing symptoms in its initial stage are very less, due to which it takes a serious form over time. Because of which later the treatment of gastric cancer patient can be quite complicated.

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Treat gastric cancer like this

For proper treatment and recovery of gastric cancer, it is very important to diagnose it at an early stage. But, for the treatment of gastric cancer, you should be aware of its symptoms. Because, once its symptoms are detected, its treatment becomes easy and possible.

What are the risks of gastric cancer?

The most difficult thing about gastric cancer or other cancers is that scientists are yet to discover the exact cause of cancer, and the search for it continues. However, scientists have still extracted information about some of the risks that increase the risk of gastric cancer. For example , infection with H. pylori, the common bacteria that causes ulcers , gastritis, long-lasting anemia called Pernicious anemia or the development of a polyp in your stomach increase your risk of gastric cancer.

About this Dr. Donald Babu, Surgical Oncologist, Hiranandani Hospital Vashi-e Fortis Network Hospital says that Pancreas is a small organ located on the left side of the abdomen . Its main function is to produce certain digestive enzymes and hormones. It is located next to the large gland of the stomach and the upper part of the small intestine. It helps the beta cells that cause diabetes. The pancreas produces many important hormones in our body. It also plays an important role in the processes of digestion and metabolism.The pancreas also produces insulin. Including helping in the absorption of glucose by the body's muscles, fat and liver. When there is not enough insulin produced by the pancreas, blood sugar rises in the body. In such a situation, due to high sugar, the cells of the body do not get enough energy. Which can lead to many different health conditions.

Apart from this, other risks that can increase the risk of gastric cancer can be the following. like-


If you are over 50 years of age, you are at a higher risk of developing gastric cancer.


It is believed that the risk of gastric cancer also depends on your geographic area. For example, Japan has the highest risk of gastric cancer.


Men may be more prone to gastric cancer than women. This may be because the estrogen hormone present in women prevents cells from swelling.

stomach problems

If you have pernicious anemia or your stomach is unable to absorb enough vitamin B12 , or if your stomach is not able to make enough acid to digest food, you may be at higher risk of developing gastric cancer.

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If you use tobacco or you smoke, then you may be at a very high risk of getting gastric cancer.


Consuming alcohol can worsen the condition if you have gastric cancer.

blood type

People with blood group A have a higher risk of gastric cancer than others.

work place

People working in places rich in coal, rubber or metals are more prone to this disease.

family history

If your parents, siblings or anyone in your family has or has ever had gastric cancer, then you are at increased risk of contracting this disease.

What are the symptoms of gastric cancer?

To treat gastric cancer, you need to diagnose it at an early stage. To diagnose it, you need to be aware of its symptoms. like-

early symptoms of gastric cancer

Heartburn Heartburn can be one of the early symptoms of gastric cancer. However, it would be a mistake to consider it gastric cancer when faced with it, but if this problem is bothering you a lot, then you should see a doctor.

Flatulence – Flatulence immediately after eating can also be a symptom of gastric cancer. But, this can also be a common problem, so take care only if there is a lot of trouble.

Nausea – Nausea is one of the early symptoms of gastric cancer. Along with this, if the above-mentioned symptoms are also seen, then consult a doctor.

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Loss of appetite – Loss of appetite occurs in the early stages of gastric cancer . Apart from this, it may also happen that you are very hungry, but as soon as you sit down to eat, the hunger ends after a bite. If you see this problem along with any or more of the above-mentioned symptoms, see a doctor immediately.

Indigestion- Along with the symptoms of gastric cancer mentioned above, you may also complain of indigestion in its early stages. Because, the stomach stops producing enough acid to digest the food.

Severe symptoms of gastric cancer-

Weight loss – If your weight has started decreasing suddenly or without any reason, then it can be a serious symptom of gastric cancer. Which is visible when it reaches its advanced stage. If you also notice a sudden decrease in your weight, see a doctor.

Swelling in the stomach Due to gastric cancer, there is swelling in the stomach. Along with this, you may also complain of constipation. If this problem is accompanied by the symptoms mentioned above, get yourself tested.

Stomach pain- During gastric cancer, there is constant severe pain in your stomach. If you also feel severe and severe pain in the abdomen and are not getting relief, then see a doctor. You may need immediate treatment.

Blood in the stool – Serious symptoms of gastric cancer include blood in the stool. If you also have blood in your stool for several days, see a doctor.

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Other severe symptoms

Tests to diagnose gastric cancer

Your doctor may do the following tests to diagnose gastric cancer. like-

CT Scan With the help of CT scan, detailed pictures of the inside of your body or abdomen can be taken, which can be known about the cells infected with cancer.

Blood tests- Blood tests can be done to look for signs of cancer in the body .

Upper endoscopy - In this test, the doctor examines a flexible wire with a camera inserted into its end, into your abdomen.

Upper GI Series Test- In this test a drink is given, after which an X-ray of the stomach comes out clean.

Biopsy- In this test, the doctor can take a small piece of tissue from your stomach and look for cancer in it under a microscope.

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How is gastric cancer treated?

The treatment of gastric cancer depends on the stage of your disease. The stage of gastric cancer depends on the level of spread of the cancer in your body. Let us know about the treatment of gastric cancer.

Stage 0- To treat this stage of gastric cancer, the doctor may remove part or all of the cancerous cells around the inner lining of your stomach. It can usually be corrected with the help of surgery.

Stage 1- In this stage of gastric cancer, a tumor starts forming inside your stomach. It can spread to your lymph nodes . Patients in this stage can be treated with the help of chemotherapy or chemoradiation.

Stage 2- In this stage, the cancer has spread to the deep layer of the abdomen and lymph nodes. This requires surgery to carefully remove the surrounding parts of the abdomen. During this, the help of chemotherapy is also taken.

Stage 3- In the third stage of gastric cancer, the cancer has spread to all the layers of the stomach. The cancer may be small, but it also involves surgery on your entire abdomen, along with chemo or chemoradiation.

Stage 4- This stage is the final stage of gastric cancer. In this final stage, cancer can spread to organs such as the lungs or brain. It is very difficult to treat. The doctor may try to ease your symptoms during this stage.

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What should be considered about the stage of gastric cancer?

Gastric cancer or any other cancer, but you should be aware of these things about its stage. like-

  • Your treatment depends on the stage of your gastric cancer.
  • The stage of your gastric cancer itself helps predict your chances of getting it right.
  • The possibilities and treatment are considered according to the stage of your cancer.
  • With the help of your cancer stage, the right clinical trial option is found for you.
  • The parameters associated with the stage of cancer may change with the availability of information.

How can gastric cancer be prevented?

These tips can be taken to prevent gastric cancer or any other type of cancer. like-

Stomach infection- If you have H. pylori infection, you should get it treated immediately. Antibiotics can help kill bacteria and inflammation can be reduced. So that, the chances of cancer can be reduced.

Do not smoke- If you use or smoke tobacco then you may be at risk of getting cancer. Therefore, completely stop smoking or use of tobacco.

Healthy diet- Consuming fresh fruits and green vegetables daily is beneficial. By consuming them, the body gets essential vitamins and minerals. Which strengthens the body's immunity and provides strength to fight any kind of infection.

Consumption of medicines- Some medicines you are taking can have a bad effect on your stomach. Therefore, if you are experiencing abdominal pain or discomfort due to the use of any medicine, talk to your doctor.

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