To avoid problems related to joints or bones, keep these following things in mind. like:

If you work on the computer or work continuously while sitting, then this can also cause joint pain. So do not sit continuously and take a gap in between and walk. While sitting, do not sit with the neck and shoulders bent and pay attention to your posture.

According to a research, tobacco consumption can make bones weak. Tobacco can increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Avoid consumption of alcohol. Alcohol can also cause weakening of the bones, and increase your discomfort.

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Bone health problems should not be serious, so when to consult a doctor?

  • When the pain increases or if the pain lasts for a long time.
  • Pain in bones or joints without any injury.
  • Back pain starts with joint pain.
  • Fever due to pain.
  • Losing more than normal weight.
  • Joint pain or swelling.

Apart from these problems, if any other problem is felt, then contact the doctor as soon as possible.

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