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2. What is Lung Cancer?

  Lung cancer occurs when lung tissue grows at an abnormal rate to form a tumor. Lungs help in breathing and carry oxygen to the rest of your body. According to WHO, lung cancer is the most commonly found cause of cancer deaths. Lung cancer makes the patient weak and sick.

There are many types of lung cancer, but they are named on the basis of the size of the cancerous tumor.

Small Cell Lung Cancer: The cells of this cancer appear very small when viewed under a microscope. It is a rare cancer, with one in eight people with lung cancer developing small cell cancer. This cancer grows very fast.

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: The cells of this cancer are larger than “small cell lung cancer”. This cancer is more commonly found. About 7 out of 8 people get this type of cancer. Its cells do not grow as fast as small cell cancer and its treatment is also different.

3. The types of non-small cells and lungs cancer:

1. Adenocarcinoma

2. Large cell carcinoma

3. Squamous cell carcinoma

4. How common is lung cancer in general?

 According to the World Health Organization (WHO), lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death, accounting for 1.59 million deaths in 2012.It can affect patients at any age. This can be prevented by minimizing the dangers caused by it. Please consult your doctor for more details.However, cigarette smoking and exposure to smoke increases the risk. Apart from this, if a person is constantly breathing toxic chemicals and toxic air, then this can also be a reason for getting lung cancer. Even if a person has been exposed to toxic air for a long time, he is still at risk of developing lung cancer.

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Lung Cancer symptoms

4. What are the symptoms of lung cancer? (Symptoms of Lung Cancer)

Most of the symptoms of lung cancer are found in the lungs, but you can feel these symptoms anywhere in your body, because the cancer has spread to other parts of the body (in medical language it is called metastasis). The severity of all these symptoms is also different. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all, just a feeling of tiredness, but the symptoms that should be noticed are:

1. chest discomfort or pain
2. non-ending cough that gets worse over time
3. Shortness of breath
4. wheezing sound
5. blood in mucus
6. hoarseness
7. trouble swallowing
8. loss of appetite
9. unexplained weight loss
10. feeling tired
11. swelling or tightness in the lungs.
 12. Lung cancer is a dangerous condition that can lead to serious problems.

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