We all must have got the vaccine at some point or the other. At present, people all over the world are getting the corona vaccine. The vaccine works to strengthen the body's immune system and provides protection against invading the body of viruses or bacteria.  

If not vaccinated, the body's immune system can prove to be weak in fighting germs. Today we are going to give you information about one such vaccine, which works to protect you from viral infection. Indirab vaccine works to protect against viruses like rabies. If a person is bitten by an animal, then this Indirab vaccine is used. Know about the information related to this vaccine.

Know about rabies before starting Indirab vaccine

Rabies is a virus spread through the bite of infected animals. Rabies is found in the saliva of animals. When an animal bites a person, it enters the human body. If the infection of the rabies virus spreads to a person, it can cause death, so the rabies vaccine becomes very important. 

 Rabies can be transmitted to humans by dogs, bats, foxes, etc. Rabies directly attacks the nervous system and enters the brain. The patient may feel fever, tiredness and burning sensation in the wound site after infection.  

Often people are not aware of the symptoms of rabies because its symptoms can look like the common flu. If you are bitten by an animal, contact your doctor immediately. You can get rabies vaccine after taking information from the doctor.

How does Indirab vaccine work?

Indirb Vaccine

Indirab vaccine is given to people who are bitten by an animal. It is not necessary that every animal is infected with rabies but it is more likely, so as a protection, rabies injection is given after the animal bite.  

If the patient receives the vaccine on time, then protection against rabies virus is provided to a great extent. Before injecting Indirab 2.5IU, the wound should be thoroughly cleaned and then injected. You should consult with the doctor about how long the course of injection is to be done and when the required dose is to be administered. By doing this, you can avoid life-threatening infections.  

Indirab Vaccine contains Purified Inactivated Rabies Vaccine as an ingredient. Its price can be up to Rs 329. You should consult your doctor about this.

Indirab Vaccine Side Effects

Some people may experience mild to severe side effects after taking the rabies vaccine. It is not necessary that the side effects of the vaccine will be seen in all individuals. Know what side effects can be seen after taking the vaccine. Know what side effects can be seen after taking the vaccine.

  • Allergic reaction at the site of injection
  • feeling tired
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • feeling of vomiting
  • Stomach ache

If you notice any side effects after receiving rabies vaccine or Indirab vaccine, then inform your doctor without panic. Your doctor may also give you medicines to help ease the symptoms. You can get more information about this from the doctor.

Effect of Indirb Vaccine

Indirab vaccine is an inactive vaccine, which after entering the body works to make antibodies and develop immunity. Antibody is a type of protein that works against infection. As soon as the virus enters the body, these antibodies protect the body from it. If you have had rabies vaccine before, be sure to tell your doctor about it.

If you get rabies vaccine, keep these things in mind

Before getting the rabies vaccine, it is very important for you to be aware of some things. Indirab vaccine is considered safe if an animal has bitten a woman during pregnancy. You should immediately get examined by the doctor and also get information about this. 

 Even if the mother is breastfeeding, this vaccine can be administered without any problems. You should not do any heavy work or driving after getting the rabies vaccine. Some people may also feel dizzy after getting the vaccine. If you already have any disease or health condition, then definitely tell the doctor about it.

Which company to give the vaccine or which vaccine will be used, it depends on the doctor. The vaccine should always be administered by a doctor and his advice should be followed. If an animal inflicts a slight scratch, do not ignore it at all because scratching also carries a risk of rabies. You can 

If an animal is bitten, then clean the wound immediately

If you are bitten by an animal, you should thoroughly wash the wound before going to the doctor and then bury it if the wound is bleeding. You should not leave the wound open or else a fly can sit in it along with the dirt. You should go to the doctor immediately after cleaning the wound and tell about the wound as well as the animal who has bitten you.  

You should stay away from dogs or other stray animals you meet on the way. There is a high risk of spreading rabies from such animals. If the animal is domesticated in the house, then after taking information from the doctor, get him vaccinated . By doing this you can keep the animal as well as yourself safe.

Hello Health does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind. Through this article, you must have got information about Indirab vaccine. Hope you liked the given information of Hello Health . If you need more information regarding this, then do ask us. We will try to get your questions answered through medical exercises.

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